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Planning Your 2021 Holiday Marketing Strategy

First Black Friday Post Pandemic

In the United States, Black Friday is the biggest holiday shopping day for most consumers. It has been called this for decades because it was the first day of the Christmas shopping season, and retailers hope that they will have made enough profit to "go into the black."

This year marks the first Black Friday after the pandemic. The pandemic is still impacting American consumers even though many are moving back towards normal life.

This Black Friday will be an exciting one for marketers and companies as consumers begin to recover from the effects of the pandemic and look towards the feeling of normalcy.

Marketers need to keep in mind that there is still a high chance that consumers are ready to spend their money with the right brands because of this post-pandemic excitement.

Let's discuss some Black Friday marketing strategies for 2021.

Holiday Shopping Season Starts Before Black Friday

Black Friday is not the only day of the holiday shopping season, but it is a good representation of what consumers are looking for.

Many companies may release their holiday advertisements earlier in October to gain exposure and capture more shoppers before Black Friday. It's never too early to begin planning your marketing strategies.

Why is this important after a pandemic?

The pandemic has brought the 2021 Christmas shopping season back earlier than ever! Many consumers are ready to spend their money on gifts for loved ones because of this feeling of normalcy.

What Are People Shopping For?

Consumers will still be shopping for gifts even after a pandemic. The difference, however, is that the gift-giving will be more personal as many people may still be hesitant to go shopping in person and be around large crowds.

There will be a shift in how people research and purchase items. The pandemic made more consumers shift their shopping primarily online.

People will likely shift that behavior even more to avoid the high traffic areas and pandemic fears that may still be associated with them.

What do marketers need to know?

Consumers are very tech-savvy, which means they have searched, purchased, and received products from online shopping before. A marketing strategy for Black Friday should include an omnichannel approach.

This approach will provide the continuity needed to make sales throughout different channels.

It provides a seamless shopping experience that consumers may be looking for after a pandemic.

11 Black Friday Marketing Strategies for 2021

Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to get in front of potential consumers. If you have a product they will need, now is the time they will most likely buy it.

This important day also allows marketers to convey their marketing messages and build brand loyalty with consumers.

1. Consumers Prefer Shopping Online

People have been used to doing their shopping online. The pandemic has changed how consumers want to shop regularly.

This means marketers will need a solid digital presence and strategies to grab the attention of consumers who are constantly on social media and email every day.

2. Differentiate Your Brand With Identity

Marketers should focus on finding out who their target audience is and how to create a strong brand identity.

Brands need to market themselves for consumers to remember them when they see them online or when thinking about buying the product.

Current shoppers want to endorse companies with a clear mission and brand purpose.

3. Optimize Your Website Speed

Your website needs to load quickly and be easy to navigate. This is something consumers need and expect from a company.

Consumers do not have the patience to wait for sites to load or keep signing out of pages because they won't open up.

If you want your brand in their hands, you need to optimize your site with speed in mind.

4. Collect Emails

Email marketing is a powerful way to keep a brand in front of a consumer. It has the highest ROI for marketers and has been on an incline since 2017.

Consumers who have signed up for emails from your store will be more likely to purchase from you again if your messages are personalized and valuable.

5. Give Discounts To Loyal Customers

One way to convince consumers they need your product is to offer them discounts or deals on your products or services they already love.

Loyal customers are the most valuable to marketers and will likely return for an event like Black Friday. It gives consumers an incentive for coming back rather than taking the chance with a new brand.

6. Optimize Product Pages and Descriptions

Consumers will be looking for retailers who have optimized product pages and descriptions.

These pages need to stand out and include rich content that allows consumers to feel they already know the brand through their website.

It is important to include visuals and videos that catch the consumer's eye.

7. Develop Video Marketing Strategies

Video marketing strategies should focus on what consumers want: value and convenience.

When creating videos, think about what consumers are looking for. Provide them with answers to any questions they could have about your product.

8. Offer Multi-Pay Options For Consumers

Multi-payment options are another way to alleviate fears that consumers may have when it comes time to purchase the product.

This gives them more flexibility and delivers a sense of trust in the brand because they do not have to worry about their card declining.

Companies such as Klarna, Afterpay, and Zip can integrate with most sites and offer an excellent way for consumers to make holiday purchases.

9. Advertise on Newer Social Platforms

Facebook may have been the go-to platform in years passed, but more and more users are spending time on different networks like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Advertising on these platforms can offer lower CPMs and provide brands with the opportunity to connect with their target audience.

Marketers will need to make sure their ads on newer channels are easy to navigate and understand. They should also think about hiring influencers to help boost their messages.

10. Create Urgency

Creating urgency is another way for marketers to get consumers to buy when it matters.

This can be done in different ways, such as limited-time offers, flash sales, pre-order deals, and exclusive products.

This leaves the consumer to sense that if they do not purchase something now, their opportunity will pass them by, and they may lose out on a great deal.

11. Build Ultimate Bundles

Ultimate bundles can be created by providing complementary products together by creating a package deal.

Creating bundles allows the consumer to get multiple items for one price instead of paying more with each purchase.

This also allows marketers to show their customers where they can buy other products in the brand's line and possibly add on with future purchases.

Bundles can do wonders for your bottom line because they encourage higher order values and allow consumers to become more invested in the brand and future marketing initiatives.

Set Yourself Apart This Black Friday

This Black Friday is a prime opportunity for marketers who want to stand out from their competition.

Plan out your marketing strategies ahead of time to see what consumers will be interested in.

Marketers will have to think of creative ways to get consumers' attention and convince them that their brand is the right one to buy from.

It is also crucial for marketers to include a variety of media in their marketing strategies, from video marketing, influencers, social media marketing, email, and more.


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