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What You Need To Know About the Newest Digital Platforms: TikTok, Meta, the future of advertising

It can be hard to keep up with the latest platforms and trends in today's rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape. However, if you're in the business of advertising, it's essential to stay on top of the latest developments.

Digital advertising is evolving at an alarming rate, and each platform has its own unique features and benefits that should be considered when planning a digital marketing campaign.

TikTok, for example, is a relatively new platform that's quickly becoming one of the most popular social media networks. With over one billion active users, it's an incredibly powerful tool for reaching a wide range of consumers.

This article will explore the future of digital advertising and take a closer look at the platforms that are shaking up the industry.

What is TikTok, and how does it work

This popular social media platform has been taking the internet by storm over the past few years. It's a video-sharing app that allows users to create and share short videos set to music or the user's original audio. The videos can be up to 10 minutes long and can be edited with filters, effects, and other creative tools.

TikTok is an excellent platform for businesses to reach a young, engaged audience. The app is most popular with Gen Z users, but it's also gaining popularity with millennials.

How can TikTok be used for marketing?

There are a few different ways that businesses can market on TikTok. One way is when companies partner with popular TikTok users through influencer marketing to promote their products or services.

Another way is by creating sponsored videos or ads that run in between users' videos. Sponsored videos can be up to 60 seconds long and include a link to the advertiser's website.

Finally, businesses can run hashtag challenges, which are essentially user-generated content campaigns that encourage users to create videos using a specific branded hashtag. Hashtag challenges are a great way to increase brand awareness and reach a wider audience.

What are some of the benefits of using TikTok for advertising

There's no doubt that TikTok is one of the hottest social media platforms. With over a billion active users, it's quickly become a go-to destination for short-form video content. And that's precisely what makes it such an attractive option for advertisers. In a world where attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, TikTok provides an ideal way to reach potential customers with concise, creative content.

But that's not the only benefit of advertising on TikTok. The platform also offers incredibly granular targeting options, so you can make sure your ads are being seen by the people who are most likely to be interested. And with TikTok's vast pool of users, you're sure to find an audience for just about any product or service.

So if you're looking for a new and exciting way to reach your target audience, TikTok is worth considering. Just be prepared to get creative - that's what the platform is all about!

How to create a successful campaign on TikTok

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to creating a successful campaign on TikTok - it depends on your audience, your goals, and your brand. However, a few general tips can help you get started. First, consider what kind of content will resonate with your audience. Remember that TikTok is all about fun and creativity, so make sure your content is entertaining and visually engaging.

Next, think about what you want to achieve with your campaign. Are you looking to raise awareness, drive traffic to your website, or generate sales? Once you know your goals, you can create content that is designed to achieve them.

Finally, don't forget to track your progress and analyze your results. This will help you fine-tune your content and ensure that your campaigns are as profitable as possible.

The future of digital marketing on Meta

For years, Meta (formerly Facebook) has been the go-to platform for advertisers and marketers looking to reach a large audience with their message. However, changes to the site's algorithm have made it significantly harder for companies to get their content seen by users.

Apple's recent iOS 14 update has also made it more difficult for Facebook to track users' data, possibly leading to a decline in the effectiveness of advertising on the platform. As a result, many companies are rethinking their approach to Meta marketing, and some are even pulling their ads entirely.

It's still too early to say definitively what the future of digital marketing on Meta will look like. However, it's clear that the days of easy reach and cheap clicks are coming to an end. Marketers will need to work harder than ever to connect with their target audiences on the site.

In contrast, with the advent of augmented reality and virtual reality, marketers on Meta will be able to create experiences that are even more immersive and engaging. In addition, the use of AI and machine learning will allow marketers to create more personalized and targeted campaigns.

There is no doubt that the future of digital marketing on Meta is looking very different than it did just a few years ago, but that doesn't mean that the platform is no longer viable for marketing purposes. Companies will need to adapt their strategies to the new reality of Meta marketing.

How effective are Facebook ads in 2022?

After the iOS 14 Apple update, many businesses have been wondering about the future of Facebook advertising. The change limited Facebook's tracking of users, making it more difficult for businesses to target their ads. However, there are still ways to be successful with Facebook ads. Here are a few tips:

1. Make sure your ad creative is high quality and catches users' eyes. This is more important than ever because, on Facebook, users scroll quickly, and you only have a split second to make an impression.

2. Use relevant and targeted keywords in your ads. This will help ensure that your ad is shown to users interested in what you have to say.

3. Take advantage of Facebook's new "optimizing text per person" feature. This helps create the best experience for each user by highlighting the most relevant parts of your ad based on how they usually respond to ads.

4. Use A/B testing to try out different ad campaigns and see what works best for your business.

You can ensure that your Facebook advertising is still successful despite the changes by following these tips. So don't give up on Facebook ads just yet - they can still be a valuable part of your digital marketing strategy.


The digital marketing world is constantly changing, so marketers need to adapt their strategies continually. The platforms that were once hotbeds of activity may no longer be the best place to reach your target audience. However, new platforms are always emerging, and there are still plenty of ways to succeed with digital marketing.

It's crucial to stay up-to-date on the latest changes and trends to adjust your campaigns accordingly. With a little bit of effort, you can ensure that your digital marketing efforts are successful now and in the future.

Contact us today to learn more about our digital marketing services if you want to stay ahead of the curve. We can help you create a campaign tailored to the current landscape that will effectively reach your target audience.


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