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Google Ads Smart Campaigns VS Expert Mode – Which is Right For My Business?

Google Ads opens you to a new world, and choosing the right area to lean into between smart campaigns and the expert mode is crucial. But many people get confused about which to use. And this is what we want to explore in this article. We want to show you the difference between Google Ads smart campaign and expert mode.

To differentiate both of them, Google Ads Smart mode is the cut-down version of Google Ads to simplify the advertising experience by helping you save time setting up and managing campaigns, thereby helping businesses drive accurate results with little or no stress.

On the other hand, as it sounds, the Expert Mode is for business experts who are confident and keen enough to see and want to know about the day-to-day activities of their campaigns and guess what? The turning keys are definitely in their hands here.

How do they work?

The Smart Campaigns allows advertisers to choose their business goals and leave them to allow the algorithm to lead their goals to become realities. Advertisers set their business goals and where they want to advertise. Google uses machine learning (Artificial Intelligence) to deliver accurate results channeled towards fulfilling the dream, including using actions on their websites, mobile phone calls, and so on, making it unproblematic to reach more potential customers.

Most new Google Ads users always want to be as smart as possible, thereby opting in for Google Ads in its Smart Mode.

The world of the Expert Mode is entirely different, or we can say it’s the opposite. The Expert Mode offers a full range of Google Ads features and campaign types and gives advertisers absolute management over their bidding strategies. While this seems interesting and might look so simple, it also requires more complex management and technical know-how, so it is for the more advanced Marketers and Advertisers who want advanced features and other campaign types in Google Ads that you will not see in the Smart Mode.

Let’s Dive In More and Precisely

Having known the surface of what you’re into, you probably do want to know the pros and cons of both ends before making your decisions.

Benefits Of Google Ads Smart Campaigns

  • First, they help you create an online advertisement quickly and easily without bombarding you with a lot of work to do. It’s just as simple as creating a Social Media account and start using it instantaneously.

  • Furthermore, in this mode, you get to attract more customers to your business, and minimal ongoing management is necessary because the wheel is in the hands of Google Ads.

  • Smart Campaign makes you pay only when people click your ad, and you can review the effectiveness of your ads in your dashboard.

  • The simplicity of Google Ads Smart Campaigns assists you in reaching customers on computers and mobile devices. Customers using Android phones or any other mobile devices are easily reached.

Some Notable Features of the Smart Campaigns include:

  • “Campaigns” Overview – This is the base – the home of your account where you’ll find Google generated performance insights.

  • Reported Calls – This shows the number of calls received from your campaign, alongside your clicks.

  • Map Actions – This is an important part where you track the number of times people saw your ad and then clicked your business’ pin on Google Maps or got directions to your business location.

  • Google Analytics – This is the region that tracks actions on your website, and determines how well your website meets your business goals.

  • Ad Scheduling – This helps you choose the times of the day and how many days or months you want to run your Advertisement.

  • Critical Account Alerts – Here is where you will receive important notifications about your campaign(s), billing issues, etc.

Disadvantages of the Smart Campaigns

  • Google Smart Campaigns limit you to the presence of a single ad type across the various delivery options (search and display), making the ability for A/B Test unavailable.

  • You are restricted to a few primary data points, including impressions, clicks, click-through rate and conversions, and there is nothing you can do other than reading.

  • No control over negative keywords or bidding on specific keywords, and it tends that very few of these significant impressions generated via these keywords are more likely to move consumers.

  • With the kind of metrics you’re limited to, it makes it very hard to determine the success of Google Smart Campaigns if your business goals are not in line with them.

  • Having a large volume of “verified calls” under Smart Campaign does not mean you’re doing well; it might come from irrelevant keywords and are not from valuable customers, leading to decreased results.

Benefits of The Expert Mode

  • The Expert Mode gives you the availability of several ads types, including display, text, local, video, etc., as well as additional options for your ads that can help propel more conversions.

  • There is a robust reporting system, including an option to create custom metrics. This helps align your campaign goals with your business goals because everything you want is readily available.

  • With Expert Mode, you have several keyword types, specific keyword selection and negative keyword optimization, which in turn give unlimited control on what you’re going to show for, and what you want.

  • A feature called Keyword-specific bidding limits your exposure to searches that don’t produce valuable traffic.

  • In this mode, you will get what a conversion truly is through default conversion metrics or goals/events you have set up on your website with Google Analytics.

Some Notable features of the Expert Mode

  • Keyword Match Types – Unlike Smart Mode, the effective use of Phrase match, Exact match and Broad match across your campaigns give Google the liberty to show your ads when they want. It increases the chances of your ads appearing even for irrelevant searches.

  • Negative Keywords – This mode enables you to include negative keywords that narrow down relevant keywords and rule out unwanted keywords from driving traffic to your business.

  • Extensions – This allows you to expand your ads. For Example, adding a phone/call button, creating site links, including locations, and lots more. They make your ads more noticeable and help enhance an uplift of 15% in CTR (Click-through-rate).

Disadvantages of The Expert Mode

The above advantages of the Expert Mode make it challenging to find disadvantages. However, every beautiful thing comes with at least one ugly part. Here are two main disadvantages of the Expert Mode.

  • There is a complexity of the platform you must solve. It requires expertise and experience to set a campaign properly here.

  • The less automation with the Expert Mode requires you understanding the platform and reading its several data points.


The major difference between The Expert Mode and Google Ads Smart Campaigns is that the former makes you a “BOSS” of your ads, and the latter is the “BOSS” of your ads.


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