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Facebook Ads, What's New And What You Should Be Aware Of

As Facebook continues to be the focus of scrutiny of privacy issues, I wanted to discuss some of the latest Facebook ads updates and what they mean for marketers.

Facebook is constantly making updates that can negatively affect marketers. However, they also offer new ways to illustrate positive ROI for any business.

Now, Facebook ads are working harder than ever before. This means you will have to be more strategic, focused, and insightful in their marketing approach.

Marketers will also need to continue ahead of the curve because Facebook shows no signs of slowing down with policy changes and updates.

So let's look at some of the more recent changes and what they mean as we dive into Facebook ads, what's new, and what you should be aware of.

Latest Facebook Ad Updates

Some marketers will find it hard in 2022 to take advantage of Facebook ads. Here are some of the latest changes to know about:

Ad Targeting

Facebook has taken away some targeting categories. This means that businesses will need to be more creative when using Facebook ads and refining their audience. Facebook has taken away the ability to target religious practices, health issues, sexual orientation, and political views. If marketers were previously successful with any of these categories, they must find new ways to refine their targeting.

Making sure that you are doing your research and finding out what ad groups are working best for your competitors is also important. A great idea would be to make a list of the top five competitors in your industry, then take note of their ad copy that's getting them the most engagement.

AI Ad Delivery

Facebook has been focused on creating better and more personalized experiences for its users. Ads can now be automatically customized for individual users as a means to enhance the experience.

This is happening through the use of machine learning technology. In other words, the ads that will pop up on your timeline will be more relevant to you based on what you have been looking at and engaging with while logged in.

The best way to take advantage of this new feature is to continue creating highly targeted ad copy that has their end-user in mind. It will also be essential to ensure you are not annoying your audience with too much general copy. The key here is balance and moderation, which should benefit marketers in the long run.

Instagram Reel Ads

Instagram reels have grown significantly, especially with the growing popularity of TikTok. Instagram allows users to take 60-second video clips to create an Instagram reel.

Instagram reels are an excellent way to take advantage of this popular real estate. Users love watching reels and enjoy many trending reels' entertainment and comedy.

Marketers should make reels exciting and engaging for their audience if they intend to make this ad format work for them.

iOS Still Limited

The initial restrictions that Apple brought on with iOS 14.5 are still in effect. These changes limit advertisers' data to reach people on Apple devices.

This can make it more challenging to target particular audiences. It also means your reach may be limited on iOS devices.

Marketers will have to be more crafty and get consumers to take action faster to make the most out of their running ads.

Ad Costs Are Trending Up

As Facebook improves its ad platform, it will continue to put ads on the right path towards success. Marketers have found that costs continue to increase even with lower reach, and they are trending up.

This means you'll need to adjust their bid strategies accordingly. Facebook has focused on refining how ads are served, which means advertisers will have to make sure they get the most from their budget.

Facebook used to be an inexpensive advertising platform, but this is no longer the case. Although it is not the most expensive, there are cheaper alternatives for those just focused on views and clicks.

Goodbye 20% Image Text

An exciting update is that Facebook will not reject image ads simply because they have too much text on them. The old rule of ads being denied because of the amount of text they had on them is no longer a thing.

Facebook has eliminated the 20% text rule. This will allow marketers to not worry about how much copy they are using on their image ads but instead focus on creating great images and ad copy.

This could be an excellent way to develop new creatives in ads.

Verifying Your Domain is a Necessity

Advertisers need to verify any domain associated with their ad account. Facebook put this security measure in place to help reduce spam and help ensure marketers are using best practices when creating ads.

Facebook cares about where you are sending traffic to just as much as what you show on the platform. Verifying your domain is one of the best ways to maintain transparency and follow best practices.

Metaverse Ads on The Horizon

As Facebook (now Meta) continues to push its drive to create a digital world, it will offer new real estate for marketers. This space should not be overlooked–early adopters of this ad delivery may have an advantage over those who are slow to adapt.

With the popularity of digital exchange growing in popularity, it is only a matter of time until the Metaverse is a complete online marketers paradise where consumers can buy right on the spot.

For now, marketers should optimize their current ads to continue meeting the growing demands of the Facebook ad platform.

Creating Your Facebook Ads in 2022

As Facebook continues to push its platform towards the future, marketers need to be aware of what is on the horizon.

Facebook ads are not over-saturated and are still a great option for new advertisers to get started. It's no secret that marketers have been seeing higher ad costs. But Facebook has now made massive updates to help them get more from their budgets than before.

Marketers will need to make sure they take advantage of the new features Facebook offers. Being aware of what is on the horizon can help prepare for what's around the corner.

When creating ads in 2022, marketers will need to keep all of the new changes in mind. It is also crucial to be realistic about your budget and understand that they don't stretch as far as they used to.

One way to make sure you are getting the most from your budget is by setting campaign goals and sticking to them. It's also important for marketers to optimize their ads and continue placing them where they will be successful. Leveraging Instagram reels can be a great way to reach more users.

As Facebook ads continue to evolve, it is important for advertisers to keep up with the changes being made so they are always getting the most out of their ad buys.


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