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Case Studies

We use digital marketing to set your business apart from others. Many understand the value and impact that digital advertising can have, but do not have the internal resources or knowledge to execute a successful digital marketing campaign. We handle all of that for you.


2Tech Automotive

Location: Chico, CA

Goal: Customer Acquisition



Return On Investment



In Revenue


Cost Per


Our Proof

2Tech Anchor

The Problem

Entering into an already saturated market, 2Tech Automotive needed to find a way to generate new business quickly while demonstrating their expertise in Audi, BMW & Volkswagen makes and high-quality service. With a limited budget, few customers outside of friends and family, and a family depending on the success of this business, the owners of 2Tech Automotive partnered with CRP Marketing to generate these quick results.

The Strategy

We came up with a plan to generate quick results for this new local business competing against other local auto shops. Keyword research, analyzing competitors and discovering new, innovative ways to generate business drove our strategists to identify an opportunity competitors missed. This made it possible for 2Tech Automotive to own the space other competitors were not utilizing.

The Results

Within the first month of partnering with 2Tech Automotive, we saw an 11:1 Return-On-Investment (ROI) which ultimately generated over $100,000 in revenue in a 12 month span. We continue to work with 2Tech Automotive to this day, and could not be happier with the partnership that we have developed.

Amy Waltz Designs

Location: Chico, CA

Goal: E-Commerce Growth



Return On

Ad Spend



In Orders


Cost Per


AWD Anchor

The Problem

With a rapidly changing market, Amy Waltz Designs needed to utilize their massive Etsy presence to grow their e-commerce business on other platforms, including their own website. They had a killer product and a great website; they just needed to get it in front of the right people. That's where we came in.

The Strategy

We came up with an omni-channel strategy to reach prospective and existing customers. Utilizing this strategy allowed us to target people already in the buying process, introduce our brand to those who may be interested in our products, and help them through our marketing funnel.

The Results

After 12 months of working with Amy Waltz Designs, we were able to increase their order number by 144% year-over year. Additionally, we were able to accomplish 5:1 return on ad spend at a $5.88 cost per acquisition. We continue to work with AWD and are still seeing great results!


Voorwood Machinery

Location: Anderson, CA

Goal: Search Engine Optimization



Increase In Organic

Web Traffic



In Leads


Average Increase In Page Ranking

Voorwood Case Study

The Problem

Voorwood Precision Machinery came to us looking to increase their search engine ranking on Google search to increase organic traffic and lead generation. With a well-established reputation in the industry and unmatched technology, Voorwood wanted to focus on optimizing their site and individual listings in three different machinery categories: woodworking, tooling, and converting. This was tricky due to the immense number of competitors for each category, but we were able to work directly with Voorwood to create a strategy that proved to be effective, efficient, and quick.

The Strategy

After a few initial meetings with Voorwood, we got to work immediately. First, we performed a site audit to determine areas of improvement. Upon completion of the audit, we quickly found opportunities for growth and started optimizing existing content, creating new content, and building organic backlinks. We worked directly with Voorwood over a six month period to optimize each of their product categories, listings, backlinks, and more.

The Results

Within the first month of partnering with Voorwood machinery, organic traffic increased by 280% for their woodworking machinery, and by 259% for their tooling category. We continue to partner with Voorwood Precision Machinery to this day.

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