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The Problem

 With a well-established reputation in the industry and unmatched technology, Voorwood wanted to focus on optimizing their site and individual listings in three different machinery categories: woodworking, tooling, and converting. This was tricky due to high competition in each category.


  •  organic traffic increased by 280% for their woodworking machinery, and by 259% for their tooling category. 

  • 403% Increase In Organic Web Traffic

  • 347% Increase In Leads

  • 26.4 Average Increase In Page Ranking

Image by Alexander Schimmeck

Amy Waltz, Amy Waltz Designs


 First, we performed a site audit to determine areas of improvement. We quickly found opportunities for growth and started optimizing existing content, creating new content, and building organic backlinks. Over a six month period to optimize each of their product categories, listings, backlinks, and more.

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