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The Problem

Founded a month before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Toxy & Co. came to us looking for full-service social media advertising. With limited resources and a saturated apparel market, we needed to get creative. 


  • 55% Increase In Revenue In One Month

  • 394% Return On Ad Spend

  • 118% Total Increase In Web Traffic

  • 346% Increase In Customer Retention



Upon diving deep into their brand and learning more about their target audience, we took an omni-channel approach to their digital marketing strategy. Taking a hybrid funnel approach targeting outdoor enthusiasts, we were able to help keep revenue coming in through the heart of the pandemic. After six months of working together, we saw a 394% ROAS with a 55% increase in revenue in just one month of working together. We continue to work with Toxy & Co. today and are happy with the partnership that we’ve built over the past year!

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