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Modern Wooden House

PowerWest Properties

The Problem

PowerWest Properties came to us in need of a way to get their name out there in a very competitive market. They had been running PCC ads prior to us, but were looking for professional help to improve their results. With a focus of brand awareness & a goal to reduce their CPC, we got to work immediately.


  • 42% Decrease In Cost-Per-Click

  • 231% Increase In Web Traffic

  • 375% Increase In Impressions

front-view-mockup-of-an-ipad-mini-and-iphone-with-a-macbook-pro-a11902 (1).png
Modern House


We saw a drastic improvement in clicks since we built out their ad campaign. There was a 231.37% increase in clicks only after 3 months of working with us. We also helped manage the budget by decreasing the CPC. We achieved a decrease of 42.76% in the CPC.

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